Cheers with my wine glass

If you know me you know that I always drink everything out of a wine glass. Why? because is more elegant and when drink everything out a wine glass or champagne glass you are toasting to something. I toast to life, to today, to God for waking me up, for allowing me to follow my dreams another day. I made a decision that I would only speak positive in my life and I toast to that positive decision with my wine glass. I recently was with someone that was a little negative and had a lot of depression. I remember he would say to me “you always so positive but things don’t come that quick” Well yeah true they don’t but is better than to be negative all the time. When you negative it sucks the life out of you and you are giving the universe signals how you want your life to be. I lived with depression for 10 years on and off. I was very bitter, angry, sad all in once and boy did I hate it. It was a bad place. Last year, I ended up falling into a very depress, angry and bitter place that lasted till earlier this year. I said no, I’m tired of being like this and I’m going to change it up right now, since then I have been embracing this thing called life.

I go for walks, read books, listen to music, call a friend up for conversation or walks. I put positive energy in my life, that’s how I bless myself and the universe. The universe wants us to bless ourselves first and then mother nature. Mother nature has been a huge influence on my journey. Look around you everything is beautiful, embrace it, toast to it. Another big influence has been my herbalife family. The most positive people I’ve known that have taken me out of my darkness. No matter where I ll go, I will forever be grateful for the Herbalife people (try it , you;; join a positive group of people that not only will motivate you to loose weight but will help you achieve even more goal). So I say cheers to life in my wine glass.

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