The side hustle

Hey y’all , we are living in a time where you need to have 3 different kinds of income. Thanks to the internet, people have come.up with ways to develop a side hustle. I seen this one girl sell caps while establishing her modeling career. Of course people have done the home cake business as a side hustle. We living in a time where a second income is not also necessary but is a way to start your entrepreneur journey. Hey Her.CEO started as an idea , as a way to communicate with woman about independence to now being a side hustle.

I use to have a fulltime job and a part time. I found that hard because it was pushing me away from my own goals. A side hustle is a way to start your entrepreneur journey and is so much easier now then ever. We have the INTERNET. Do you know how many business ideas you can create with just using the internet. Start by finding a hobby that you enjoy and make it a small business . When the 2008 economy metal down happened some.went on to job fairs others just develop a side but like making children’s clothes and selling them or the cake business began to explode around this time.

Don’t stay with One income, have seven income and make shit happened. Start controlling your finance s.

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