Developing healthy habits

I read a lot and listen to a lot of podcast(I’ll put an index of books and podcast s) I also like to listen to motivational sspeakers like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Eric Thomas. My 2016 new years resolution was to put myself first. For many years I place others in my life to make them.happy but wasn’t making.myself happy and ended up burned out. I had to start from scratch. I started to vision where I want to be and then started researching. I usually go to my Instagram and Facebook news feed and follow positive people. I first wanted to get healthy cause lord being hospitalized 7 times in less than 10 months and still paying hospitals bills was no fun. I then wanted to find a way to developed a business concept so I started hearing how to business videos and researching my market.

How to develop healthy habits? Is easy staying consistent. Once you envision yourself how or where you want to be, start writing down your plan to get there. An example, is loosing weight. I created a plan to my path of healthy, I wrote down my food plan as well as my exercise plan. I worked out 3 times a week . I lost 30 pounds in 4 months . I followed my plan everyday. Another example is debt free plan. Years ago I was in terrible debt because of my unhealthy habit with money. I created a healthy plan with money that taught me the true meaning of financial abundance . I payed off my debt in 2 years.

Start with visioning yourself, write it down and execute. Hey if you need a mentor then get a mentor. For me loosing weight I joined Herbalife and the community helped me loose weight. Like Nike says “just do it”

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