Celebrate your mistake

Do you embrace your mistakes? I do , I mean it got me where I am and taught me. We live in a society that teaches us to be embarrass by our mistake and is okay if you are. I’m here to tell you to celebrate it , embrace it and then try again. Do you know how many successful people have made mistakes before they got it 1000th time? We are not perfect, show me a perfect person and I’ll show you God.  Think of your mistakes as mini soldiers that need a little more training. If that business failed , is okay look at what happened wrong and thank.God for the lesson . God wants us to make mistakes so we can see something clearly. I have a friend that his first business was a music promoter and it failed. He has owned 4 restaurants and is super influential in the community. If it wasnt for that failure he wouldn’t have these four restaurants.

Next time you make a mistake, be happy and thank you god.

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