Lessons from Queen Bey

Beyonce is a powerful force. Is a cliche thing to say but is the truth. She dropped not one but two secret albums and made it to the top. Who can do that? Beyonce can . many artists after that have be . Trying to do it but just don’t have it. We  know Beyonces bio and how she got to where she got (a lot of hard work) and if you don’t know just Google it. But with her experience and creativity she stills does not get the credit that she deserves. But here at Her.CEO we do give her the credit and I learned a few things from Beyonce.

  1. Be consistent – There are many reasons why beyonce has reach success and is not because she has great songs but is because she has stayed consistent in her career.
  2. Reinvent yourself-  if you notice all of Beyinces album from her days as a destiny child member to now every album has a different theme. When she came out with Sasha fierce that was her alter ego album. Her latest is different then her self titled. Her self titled is about a woman finding herself and knowing herself. While Lemonade tells the story if a man cheating on her woman and she being okay. Every album is different.
  3. Love your body – in the song bootylicious Destiny child teaches us to love our body . if you have curves , you better own it. We all are built differently own it
  4. Girl power- Since her Destiny child days , Beyonce has always preached woman unity.
  5. Work hard- Beyonve was not built overnight like a kardashian. She took walking lessons in heels, singing lessons and dance lessons and she stayed consistent. She kept pushing herself to better.  She didn’t worry about the critics.
  6. Keep your personal life personal-  Since dating Jay, Bey has never discuss her relationship u may see them together but they are hush hush about it. You do not have to discuss your relationship because is no ones business. The elevator incident she never address it because there wasn’t a need. It was a family affair and no ones business
  7. Try new things- ove the years Beyonce has stepped outside her comfort zone to promote herself is also another way to push herself.


Beyonce has earned her spot in the industry . Take a cue from her if you believe, work hard and stay consistent you can achieve success just like her. People tend to take the easy way out just to avoid the struggle. Beyonce is on top but she went through the struggle. A lot of us actually saw the struggle in her days.  Work hard, enjoy the process. Hey Beyonce enjoyed the process so we should as well. Also, don’t worry about the critics .

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