Its a celebration

Good afternoon or good evening for some . is evening hours Here in NYC and it was duper beautiful and sunny. Anyways, this weekend was kind of long and kind of negative. Lately I’ve been a Lil negative because of personal reasons. Well yesterday I decided to change that up , I woke up and went for a long walk to riverbank state park in 145 street in Harlem. I walked my way up there and it was amazing. I DST down and read a book and then was looking for the bridge. At that moment I started really looking at myself and my life and just celebrate inside myself for everything right now.


Celebrate the small things, celebrate the Hugh things. EmBrace the accomplishments and failures because it gets you closer to where you want to be. Is normal to experience sadness or disappointments BT do not make it a habit . stop for a moment and embrace and celebrate this moment. One of the reasons I went through so much stress is because I was looking at the negative and never celebrating this moment.  Learn something new if not every day try once a week, meet someone new and celebrate new friendships.

At the end of July , I’ll be debuting a new podcast “The millennial woman” it will be discussing woman issues, business and I will be conducting interviews every week as well as a guest host.

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