Happy Birthday America!

Happy fourth of July everyone. As right now, I am with my mother in the park relaxing after eating breakfast at a local cafe. Happy birthday America. As a woman I am very content to be a natural born American citizen. Woman’s progression have improved so much in recent years, thou we still have a lot to go . I am very grateful to be part of this nation because I have the freedom and rights to do things. I know some may not agree because of recent events but do you know that in some parts of the world woman can’t even work. In Saudi Arabia, is illegal for a woman to drive a car. If she has an emergency she has to wait for the husband. A woman in some parts can’t have an abortion. In some parts is even illegal to protest.  I bless this nation for giving me the opportunity to do what I want as a woman. My generation of woman we are changing the way of living. We as a nation need to come together instead of being a part and figure out how we can make America better. As woman we need to do much better in uniting and not bash each other. We still have some issues to address like equal pay.  We don’t know how bless we are until we have the experience to live/work in another nation.

Thanks to our founding fathers and everyone that contribute building this nation . I agree this country has an iffy past , but past cannot be undone. What we can do is improve the present so we can have a bright future.

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