My beauty habits


Hey all, happy Wednesday or as everyone will say “happy hump day” lol. Is mid week and goals are half way or should be. I take it one step at a time. Today’s post is about beauty regime and how can you develop one. As you all know self care has been a huge part of her.ceo and me this year. Is important  to breathe, exercise  but is just as important to develop beauty regime. I’m 29 but I look pretty young for my age. Why? Well first, I avoid the sun as much as possible (summertime a little less ) and I drink lots and lots of water. Water is a big part of my beauty regime . I don’t smoke or ever have in my life nor done any type of drug. So that’s a plus for my looks, lol. But I do drink socially .

For years I’ve been going through a lot of stress due to my work. Last year definitely took a toll on me. Stress adds years to your life and you can develop heart disease . So I eliminated that out of my life , how I just let things go, stop controlling everything. I also neglected my sleep , so I make sure to have 7-8 hours of sleep. If is less I’ll pay the price for the next few days and my body will feel it . Sleeping allows your body to rest.  When I wake up I start with a tall glass of water and then either hot water with lemon or green tea.

I exfoliate my body 2 a week with brown sugar, honey and lemon I exfoliate my face mostly. I leave it on for 20-25 minutes . It leaves my skin smooths and feels like a new baby. I exfoliate my feet 3 times a week with Avon foot care . I leave it on for 30 minutes. I always get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks. Is a way to spoil myself.  Every morning I scrub my face with a separate soap I use just for my face. I use two different soaps one for my face and one for my body . I scrub my face for 5 minutes to really clean out and remove any left over dirt. Then I moisture it . If I decide to wear makeup , I always make sure to moisturize.

I have naturally curly hair and I want to keep it that way. I blow dry my hair in the winter at times. I embrace my curls a lot and proud of them. I use a Dominican treatment on my hair every day to keep it moisturize. Once a week I mix rosemary, avocado and olive oil and put it on my hair. This help with any hair damage and hair growth.

So you can develop a beauty regime or even develop your own treatments. I have a cousin that develops her own treatments. Here are some tips on how to develop your own.

  1. be consistent – stay on top of it if you don’t , you’ll loose yourself
  2. wash that face before bedtime and in the morning.
  3. Try not to use to much cleaning because it will dry up your face
  4. exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliate means removing the dead skin from the new skin.
  5. Moisturize your face before bedtime and in the morning
  6. Minimize your makeup . Too much chemical in your face can eat up you skin.
  7. Sleep, sleep and sleep some more . Sleeping is a huge part of your beauty routine and overall body care
  8. lots of water. At least 1 gallon a day
  9. Take care of your hair just as you would take care of your clothes. Your hair speaks volume. Trim it every 3 months at least

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