ways to destressed

Good evening everyone and happy fathers day. A father is so important in a child’s life especially a females life. I hope all you daddies had a great fathers day. Today was a great day for me , I did some outdoor exercise, went to the library and I spent some the at the park and it was a stress reliever . On Friday I was so upset and super stress and by the end of the day I had to tell myself “girl chill ” lol. Yes I do talk to myself you can not control everything at all. I was always a control freak and that got me duper anxious. Through my journey of self care, I learned how to de-stressed. I learned to do certain things not to worry or not worry at all. I learned to say whatever happens , happens eventually things will get solved . readers you guys don’t know how much I stressed because I think about things so much or I over work myself.

Ill share with you all some tips that I use to de-stressed.

  1. Take a walk- walking is so therapeutic that I forget what I was just thinking about a second ago. I like to walk around my local park or if I get a change near the water front in downtown Manhattan or Williamsburg in Brooklyn.
  2. Exercising – one of my new year resolutions was to to put me first take care of my body and soul. I’ve been exercising since the start of the year. Even if is going for a one mile walk , I do it.
  3. Quality time with loved ones-  I’ve been working non stop for about 6 years and I never had time for family. I missed out a lot in the last few years . this year I made it another priority to put time with my loved ones. Just having conversation and enjoying each others company is great.
  4. no wifi- omg this is something I’ve started to practice and y’all should try it. Put the phone down and shut down all other electronics. Is great to disconnected and reconnect with people, the world and nature .
  5. Music or reading- I always put music on whenever I can but mostly in the morning and at night . is my meditation but I also like to read everyday for 30- 1 hour. I like to explore my mind and get motivation. Inread from business down to the history of airplane. Yes I am an avid reader.



Do you have tips on how you de-stressed? Please share it with us , email me at yaddy.valerio@yahoo.com.com

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