The Millennial Business


Heyyyy, is so cold in the city . Summer starts on Monday and I feel is going to be a short summer. But anyways I’ve been working on my projects more in depth. I’ve been focused more on my business plans and the ideas and I’m also been writing a lot on my spiral notebook (old school I know). My future is so important to me now a days because no one can control my future but me. Owning a business is important to me because I want to be in control of my time, income and creativity. I’m not the only one that feels this way, many millenials want to own their own business.

My parents believed that you need a stable job that offers a 401k, health insurance and pension. You work then you retired. Nothing wrong with that hey we all want to be safe. But we are all living in a different time, a time where if we don’t create our own income, we will be left behind. The millenials are the largest group to come into the workforce since the baby boomers generation. What’s the difference between baby boomers and millenials ? Baby boomers grew up around the time after the Great Depression, they grew up working for large corporation and didn’t mind working long hours. While millenials are more socially conscience , grew up with more technology knowledge , their self confident is high and they are Multitasker. Baby boomers didn’t mind to work for a company forever but millenials want more. They want to own their own business they want to run the world. The time is now to do it and the world is changing . Computers are replacing people and in 10-20 years workers will be working less than 30 hours a week. Act now. If you do t know what to do, I have some tips to give you some motivation and you can act faster.


  1. First find something you enjoy doing or if you already know what you want to do, then find your why. What is your why you want to work for yourself. If is to make money your why , then my friend you fail. We all want to make money but there has to be a strong why
  2. Once you know what you want to do , find a mentor/coach in your field or business that can help you and motivate you. No one does anything alone and always take advice from someone that was there or that is there. Also there is the Small business Development that can assist in starting your business.
  3. Once you find your why and your mentor, start writing your Business plan. People will tell you that you shouldn’t write a Business plan, Ill tell you my friend that you need a BP .If you are trying to find investors then you need a BP but I say write your BP so you can be organize in what you want to do and also you can look at it over time. As your business grows, your BP will change  so always have it written down.
  4. Listen to motivational radio, podcast , periscope, etc. Also read books . Read/listen to positive things. I am in the bossbabe academy and always listen to their master class and audio section. I also am a podcast feen, lol.
  5. share your knowledge, whatever ypu start learning share it with someone else that does not know.  Give and you shall receive
  6. Learn about your business industry everyday because it will always evolved. I am in the food industry Ive been working in it for about 7 years and it has completely changed since I started. You constanlt have to evolved. You have to be willing to change and try new things. As your customer grows, you will grow and so will your business.
  7. Think big but start small. At thebeginning it will be very hard, you wont see money till your 1st or 2nd year but always look at the big picture. picture yourself already big and start working at it.
  8. Have fun in the process. yes it will be very hard, yes youll work long hours but I promise it will all be worth it at the end. don’t ever settle for less and look at the big picture


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