My digital Detox



Hello Happy Monday. I love Mondays, many people hate it because most they live for the weekend. But I love Mondays because I’m eager to be productive. But anyways, this weekend I had a digital detox and it was amazing. Is this wonderful thing to put your electronic devices away that makes everything so wonderful. I had to disconnect to reconnect because I was loosing  a lot of focus. For example, if I wanted to workout I would always procrastinate because I was on social media a lot or just the internet. The internet is a wonderful thing but it has taken a lot of time away from people. Many just waste their time on social media. We need to get up and be social. I had my first phone in 2004 when I was 17 and I had my first computer in 2005 when I turned 18. The internet has helped us progress in this new world but it has also destroyed how we interact with each other.

I got this idea from the Boss Babe periscope ( @Bossbabe ) the 10 ways to digital detox. I was like that’s a really cool idea let me do that but in my own version. I recommend doing a digital detox for 24 hours and you’ll see the change mentally that you will have. Having a digital detox will help you mentally detox. It will help you be more clear and refocus on something you want to do. Like this weekend i went to the park and spent three hours just reading books and my phone was off. I went out with a friend for a run and was able to have conversation. I also was able to come up with a new idea and get a clear idea on a project i am working on.  Not only will digital detox help you mentally detox your brain but it will help you stay productive.  I mean helloo, most of grew up with no internet or cell phone.  So bossbabe gave me ideas on how to digital detox and I placed ideas of my own and here it goes.

  1. Put down your phone for 24 hours. Turn off all electronic devices for twenty fours and you’ll see your brain change. If you cant do it for a few days try it for 24 hours.
  2. Shut down your phone two hours before bedtime. Don’t ever go to sleep with your phone next to you. keep it far away from you . You should be able to meditate, clear your head right before bedtime.
  3. clear up photos that you no longer want. I still develop all of my photos or if you don’t like to have hard copy of your photos then store it in a file. organize your PC.
  4. instead of texting or speaking on phone, invite a friend out for a walk. spent time having conversations with humans not computers.
  5. spent less time online people . reconnect yourself offline.

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