I love my career choice

Don’t you sometimes come across people that asked you what you do for living and when you tell them they give you a certain respond you don’t like? Later you made feel ashamed of what you do? Well I’ll tell you this don’t ever.feel ashamed of what you do for living because it doesn’t fit other s standards. If you don’t like what you do change it up. I’ll give you an example, just the other day someone ask me what I do for living, I told them that I work in the kitchen and Im a server once a week. I later explained to them that I attended culinary school and I love cooking. This person later started saying that why I’m doing that there’s no money there and I’ll probably won’t move up. I started laughing because it was laughable. Like you feel what I do is a “wrong thing” but I don’t feel that way. It also comes to peoples perception of what you and what you do is not your reality.

I love what I do. My career choice makes me very happy and I feel very alive. When I decided to go to culinary school everyone Was against it because they felt there was no money in the industry. Is true, you work long hours, on your feet and the pay is not that great when you stat out. You gotta move around a lot to make it. And honestly I can’t have it any other way. I am a creative person and always need to be in a creative place. Like for instance, my current jib at a southern cuisine restaurant does many events including Smorgasbug in Brooklyn. Since working there I have come out with 5 recipes and two ideas and I’ve only been there a few months. Food makes me happy the thought of putting ingredients together and a product comes out and people buying it and liking it makes me ☺. On top of that I have her.CEO and other things in development. So career wise I’m pretty good and happy. 

If you like your career then you like it, don’t feel bad because someone made you feel a certain type of way. Whether it makes money or not enough is your career find the does and donts about it . if the dos over powers the donts that you should stay consistent and focused on the dos. If is the opposite, find something you enjoy. Remember life is about choices , so choose wisely and always do it for you. HER.CEO🎀

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