new month , new goals



Is June 1st so that means we are half way through 2016 . New month means New goal s, new attitudes, new adventures. Always at the beginning of the month I like to analyze what I did , what I’m missing to do and what I can to improve it. We are half way through the year and half of my vision board is accomplish. Super happy. Now how can you make it count this month? Yes is the month of the start of summer and we all just want to sit back and relax but it doesn’t mean you can sit your goals. I’m part of the boss babe academy and the CEO Natalie Diver posted a pic of Forbes magazine self made woman and that instantly gave me motivation. My friend Isabela Cristina graduated today from John Jay college of criminal Justice. It took her years to get her B.A. so that gave me motivation to never give up and go hard for it. I was walking around the city today and the neighborhoods were giving me ideas of what to do. How can you work on your goals everyday? Well you can:

  1. Listen to motivational speaker (Shaun t. Or eric Thomas. Try their podcast is really good).
  2. Affirmations or positive quotes are your living space.
  3. Look for others as a motivation. My friends graduation or a person going full time on herbal life inspired me.
  4. Read a book. Books can be a creative aspect.
  5. Create a vision board and look at them all the time. It will help you stay consistent and reach your goal.
  6. Get a mentor or a friend that will help you stay consistent.

Check me out on snapchat 👻yaddyv , IG yv30__ and Facebook Yaddy valerio  for motivation and mentoring. Remember think about the person you want to become and only you should be your own competition.


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