why Im giving up meat

Happy memorial day. Today is a day to honor those that gave up their lives for our freedom. Thank you to you all. Many people celebrate it with many bbqs around the country and parties. I use to be one of them that will attend bbqs and just eat and eat. I would go just for the food. Most of the food as we all know serve really tasty foods but very unhealthy for the body. Yesterday I was celebrating Dominicans mother’s day with the family and I ate a hamburger and chicken. Now I can’t digest properly. The truth is I started giving up meat earlier this year. I gave up ed meat 3 years ago. Slowly I’ve been Giving up chicken and turkey. Why am I giving up meat? Because I don’t feel right of putting something in my body that was a living thing. I started slow like I tried it for one week. Yes I got tired and sick because my body wasn’t use to it but the second week it started getting better. I gave up red meat for good because I witness a pig being killed in the Dominican Republic so that traumatize me. I notice that when I do eat meat is hard for me to digest. That’s not good at all. When I do eat meat , I feel tired and sluggish. I do eat eggs which is okay for now. For me better to put more what grows in nature into the body because it has all the benefits than what a DEAD meat has to offer.

Is educating yourself on what you put in your body. Learn everything.

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