Morning rituals

Is Saturday morning and I woke up with a lot of energy, mind you I went to sleep at 2:30am . I woke up drank my herbal life aloe with water , is great for digestion and cleaning out the inside . I then began cleaning the bathroom and started part of my summer cleaning while listening g to the Brilliant idiots podcast. Ever since I started out with this new self care I began doing rituals. My rituals change from time to time but I always listening to a podcast in the morning and begin with a tall glass of water to get my metabolism moving.

We all need positive rituals to begin our day or to end our night. I remember I use to start my day with reading emails and stressing over the day. How you start your start defines the tone for the rest of the day . how can you start a ritual? Easy by setting a goal. For example, I want to start meditating and exercising so I decided to not look at my phone first thing in the morning instead blast some music or listen to a podcast . I started reading that starting your day with a glass of water speeds up your metabolism. So I did just that and started writing in my journals more frequently. I would go to the gym or take a walk outside as an exercise in the morning . I defined the tone of my day my taking care of me first.  Set a goal in the morning, always be positive and promote positively your energy.

Her.CEO 🎀

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