Body shaming

For some reason Body image has been more negative than positive. Society has placed a definition of what’s a beautiful body. Curvy, big boobs, big booty.  Woman are putting stuff in, fixing their faces , taking stuff out just because they don’t fit into society’s standard of beautiful. Like when did it became like this? The other day I was walking down the street and a perv screamed out “yea is fat, but we all know is fake” huh? So now every bigbooty that walks down the street is fake.  But why should a curvy, skinny body be defined as beautiful? Weren’t we all built differently?

All bodies are beautiful and we are all built differently. I am constantly seeing woman amputating their bodies because of peer pressure. I remember talking to this one girl one time that she wanted to get her boobs done because someone told her she’s not pretty enough because of her tits. I just SMH! Later on I did see her, completely  different girl with a lot of let’s just say work done. She was telling me how she regretted it and that’s what happens to many females.  But is not only men that shame woman, is also women on other women and I cringe , like where’s the unity?

Now if you feel getting worked done will raised your self esteem, then do it . But do it for you nit because of someone else. I had one time a “family member” tell me that I’m pretty, but I just amputate certain parts in my body so I can be prettier. I started laughing because that was funny but also really stupid. Also this was coming from someone that needed acceptance from someone else and had her own insecurities. I’m 5’5, fat things, average size booty, b cup boobs, Chichos ( 1 1/2 I’m loosing weight ) and I love how I look.  I’ve alwAys felt pretty comfortable in my body but now I feel more comfortable in my body.  Is what Tessa Holiday says “F your beauty standards” .

Ladies, you all are beautiful as you are. Take time to see the good in yourself instead of the bad. What others say about you is a reflection of what they think of themselves. Start with self love is so important because you’ll see past your insecurities.

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