Gratitude Challenge

You want to know the potion to happiness? Gratitude . Gratitude increase health and optimissim. It takes very little time and no money. I started practicing gratitude more around in 2011 after I got my Dean and DeLuca job (I lasted two years). Gratitude makes you think more in the present and less in the future. We tebd to ve grateful when something turmoil happens, but wht not be grateful at all times.I can give you a ton of reasons why you should practice gratitude, but let me simplify it with just 5.

  1. It improves relationships with yourself and others
  2. Makes you happier because you are thinking in the present.
  3. You attract more things . when you are grateful for what you have you attract more things to you without you even realizing it.
  4. Makes you less negative
  5. It improves mental health.

I use to keep a gratitude journal. I think thathat being grateful has helped me with my self esteem and also has helped with my mental health. About two years ago, I did a 21 day challenge , I wrote down a gratitude each day and post it on my wall. I still have the post it in my positive box. I want to do this challenge again with you ladies but for 30 days. Write down what you are grateful for and place it somewhere you can see it at all times


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