The power of prayer

I’ve been M.I.A. I’ve been sick the last three weeks with allergies, the flu and a cold. I haven’t even been working out (so very hard). But I’m feeling a little better I even took a 30 minute walk around the park. God is great! No God is super great I love that I can talk to him/her when I can. I’m a huge believer in ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE. I keep candles in my mirror stand and my Buddha’s. I called them my Buddha’s which is St. Francis and the Buddha. Many people do not believe in prayer because they feel is not going to happen. Okay I understand but I can talk with experience that is not true.

When the economy collapse, my mother and I we went through it (Girl!!!) . It was super hard because I couldn’t find work I mean I was a recent college graduate and no one was going to hire a newbie so I took any gigs I could including handing out flyers outside (hey I got a commission for it). It was extremely hard and it went out on for approximately two years. I was looking for work in my industry, anything. No one would hire someone with no food industry experience which back then I didn’t have it. SO I took manners in my own hand and started to work for free just to get my foot in the door. Still I needed a paying job, a good one. I applied to a corporate café Dean and DeLuca and the day before the interview I said to myself (if I don’t get this job, I give up on this industry). The day of my interview Oct 4, 2011 was St. Francis day. My mom brought home a statue of St. Francis I’ve never heard of him. But on that day I went to church which I never do and I prayed for him and I lit a candle. I wasn’t believing at that time but for some reason I did. I went to the interview (it was an hour and 20 minutes long) and I received the call the same day at 3:30pm.

Another time, was when I was praying for the health a young boy in my neighborhood that was born a preemie. I prayed everyday, like everyday and the little boy survived. I always pray for god during difficult times and during awesome time. I always give thanks and then I ask. Hey the bible said ask for anything you want, right? Recently I’ve been not feeling too confident in my job, I pray to god to make me better, to put my head in the right position and make me better. I’ve been doing so much better in two weeks. The power of prayer has helped not only me but my family in difficult times. I have my 20 minute conversation with God and my Buddha’s. I pray for my health and for the health of my family. I pray when I feel depress and my anxiety kicks in. People don’t believe in prayer because they want it to happen right away or they don’t believe in the magic. The magic everywhere. Prayer is good, ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE.

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