When I decided to quit my job and focus more on myself, my creative process started coming along. One thing I started doing is read a lot of self development and creativity books thanks to the Inwood Public library. Hey, I read 3 books in three weeks I haven’t done that since pre-social media.  Creativity is one of the things that fuels happiness and goal achievements.  I had a friend that had an idea years ago and it didn’t come of the ground because she said it will take so long to built and she doubted if it worked. Years later that same idea she had, someone else did it and now shes disappointed with herself. Society is set up in a way that they dont want to see others win.

People asked me why and how you started Her.ceo. This idea came about my own journey. I just wanted to take control of my life. Not just being my own boss, just taking control of everything in my life. The idea came about in January but I launched it in March. From that idea and connecting with other people I developed three more ideas (coming soon). My creativity comes from people, books and nature. Creativity does not have to be art it can be a book writing, developing a software and app, etc. Anything can fuel creativity because we are born with it. Have you ever wonder why children play imagination? is because they are practicing their creativity. Along the way through childhood and adolescents and adulthood, for most people are creativity is taken away. Many people get discourage through others and unfortunately many ideas just sit in the ground or go to someone. What you most likely don’t understand is that , once creativity comes to our head it needs to be fueled. If is not fueled it will go somewhere else to another human. Creativity is like a time travel take it use it and move on.

Many people don’t move forward with their projects because of fear. Hey I’ve had that before. There were some ideas that i thought about it but never did it because of fear of others judging me. The fear comes from of the idea not working out, too much time, people judging you, someone taking your idea, etc. etc. Many don’t try and never see their idea come to light. Hey why don’t you try. If Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb or electricity wasn’t invented, i wouldn’t be talking to you right now. If the computers wasn’t invented I wouldn’t be typing this. If the internet and Facebook weren’t invented I wouldn’t be sending this out right now , right? All these people were looked at as CRAZY , very crazy but they changed the world with their idea. They try and moved forward. Steve Jobs took back the company he built, came up with the iphone. At first people weren’t feeling it but years later everyone owns an iphone, ipad, ipod. Creativity takes time and lots of patience to develop to your vision.

How can you develop creativity/ Easy start with a hobby or if you don’t have one, start doing things until you find something you like. You’ll get discourage but remember why you started. Then brainstorm ideas . What I use to do is write things in a index card and place it in a box. I actually found that box with so many ideas i had but unfortunately because of my lack of confidence it dint get off the ground. Or do a jar of ideas. I have a friend that’s a writer and to create his story books he writes it post it and places it on his wall, titled on top with story line.  The purpose of it is because he wants to see it so he can know what to write next. Creativity changes you and can change the world. We are born with it.

Don’t let anyone discourage you of your idea. Is okay to get feedback but negative feedback is not. Meryl Streep was rejected from the movie king kong because they felt she wasn’t pretty enough. She brushed it off and moved on to some more creativity. She has 18 Oscars. Steve Jobs was rejected several times but he moved forward. Believe in your imagination.


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