Strong looks better naked



I just finished reading Khloe Kardashian book “strong looks better naked” That I picked up at the library (the library has become my new happy place) This book is about her health wellness journey starting from her rocky marriage which she was very blunt about,is kind of where I’m at right now. I lost 24 pounds in two months using Herbalife mostly and changing my diet. She lost 43-47 pounds in three years because she’s has taken her time . also she genuinely enjoys working out which I love because I feel people should enjoy doing a hobby. She’s practicing self care. She picked up a hobby exercising and liked it and stick with it .

Reading this book I’ve notice how much alike we are mentally. She threw in a lot of knowledge for example , she was describing relationships, (the whole book is broken down into topics) that you never compare a relationship to yours because you don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors. We are living in a society that constantly are being compared, your weight is being critique at all times. Listen , I said this in one of my posts , you never know what’s going behind closed doors so never idiolize a relationship . you are unique work and your relationship is unique. When you are in a relationship don’t day so many things because then you are allowing people in your relationship. Too many opinions

I picked this book because I was interested in it. It was like the universe brought it to me. She started this journey with a failing marriage and something else came out of it. I’m at a self care journey, bettering myself. The last two years especially last year I’ve lived a very stressful life due to my work schedule . I always painted a Picture but inside I was unhappy but I couldn’t figure it why. I also just went through something privately and was very heartbroken but when situations like this happened to you , you have to figure out what u did wrong why did u end up in this situation? That’s where I’m at . I’ve been exercising and just doing positive things for myself just like Khloe Kardashian. I started using Herbalife as a way to loose weight but it led to me discovering myself. I hated going to the gym , I prefer outdoor workouts . but slowly I’m starting to enjoy . I started small. The whole message of this book is to take care of yourself so you could be better. When you are better you attract better. Is also owning your life , being CEO.

Is not your gossip celebrity book, nothing at all. I recommend it. Go to the library

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