Lil kim is not your fault…

I was born in 80s raised in the 90s in NYC. My childhood was the best ever . I grew up around music mostly Spanish and hip hop, I remember when Biggie smalls and the bad boy family came up as well as west coast rap. I remember the stupid east and west coast beef that killed the two most significant rappers, tupac and biggie. I also was able to see when woman began to rap like Mc lyte , salt n pepper and my favorite of them the queen B, Lil Kim . now rap is mostly a male dominated world so many females do not last , oh yeah I saw a lot one hit wonders . but my fave lasted (well sort of). Now a days she’s critize for her appearance than her actual music. This post is not about music is about self love, I’m going to explain it.


Lil was a beautiful woman, many wanted to be like her and many men wanted to fuck her. I mean when her ’96 debut album cover came out she changed the game. From the outside looking she showed confidence , self live, etc. Etc. I always say you shouldn’t worship or try to be like others because they can paint a picture from the outside but inside can be a different situation. After a while we started seeing her body changing , starting with her getting her boobs done. I have nothing against plastic surgery. Hey what ever floats your boat if you feel that it will help your self esteem hey then do it. But don’t go over board. Then we started seeing her change her face , we like okay, that’s it don’t do it anymore . but she started doing more and more. It was as if she was addicted to plastic surgery. I honestly when she came out of jail she was unrecognizable to me back then and that was like 10 years ago. Recently she posted a picture on Instagram showing her new skin apparenace .I just look at it like smh. What went through her head that made her do that?



I mean in other people’s eyes she was a beautiful girl , she was the originator and her confidence gave other woman confidence . She must of had self esteem issue. But honestly is not her fault is society’s fault . Society pressures people to look a certain way, most of the time that way is not the best way. But what I find ironic is that Kylie Jenner changed her lips and people are now buying her lipsticks and is okay but Lil Kim appearance is a problem. These two ladies both were pressure by society to look a certain way. Lil Kim looks unrecognizable at all from the lil Kim I know . My point is don’t be pressure by no one to be or look a certain way just because it does not fit their standards. Also, I see always #relationshipgoals  #bodygoals etc etc. This is the thing about social media, ppl like painting a picture of themselves to show people what they are not . that’s 90% of social media. Listen don’t idiolize anyone behind a computer because you dont know what they are going thru, should I give you examples.


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