A few days a go, I went to over a childhood friend’s house to discuss art , a collaboration and  what have we been up to. We were discussing woman and life and I was explain to her what I’m doing and what I feel woman should be doing. I use the word “empowerment” a lot because it has a lot of meaning and she asked me “what does empowerment mean to you?” At first it took  me a second to think about it because no one has asked me that question. I was thinking about the question as she was painting a mural on her wall (is pretty dope). When I think of empowerment I think of ME, surviving all my struggles and showing other people mostly woman that you don’t have to limit yourself to your circumstances or to society’s circumstance.  My empowerment is my freedom to do other things and not have to answer to anyone. The opportunity to help someone else build their dream. Teaching them what I know and see that person have knowledge and use that knowledge for her/him and teach the next one. Empowerment is being a leader to someone. A leader is placing the “we” instead of the “I” .

I believe that every woman should support one another instead of sabotaging each other. If you are at the top and you are sabotaging another female, you are not successful. I think about that why must we do that to one another/ what do we win out of this? Answer nothing. In my culture we are taught that go to school, get married, have kids and that’s it. We are taught that we should be submissive to men. I think the opposite we should get out and work. We don’t have to get pregnant at 25  and get married. I believe that every woman should be independent and feel more comfortable in their own skin. We are living in a time that we can do as we please and help/empower other woman to do the same thing. I mean come on we could possibly have a woman president.

Empower=help someone=be a leader

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