Soulcycle and me

When soul cycle announced they were doing a 20 for 30 challenge, I was super excited. Soul cycle is an indoor cycling fitness studio started in 2005 by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler. Is a full body workout that.can range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The idea of soul cycle is to provide a fun way to loose weight and a spiritual thinking with candlelight in the classroom and instructors choreography ing fitness routines. If is a first time doing it, youll pay $20 , after that is $34 for a single or you can buy a bulk of class. I was first introduce to soul cycle last year by a co worker and I never have looked back.

#turnitup20 is a challenge that you ride 20 rides for 30 days and u win a soul cycle sweater. I immediately signed up for it once I heard it because it was a new way for me to challenge myself. But since being a soul cycle member , I have loved cycling that I even signed to learn how to ride a bike. Soul cycle gave me a push of confident and creativity.

I had a hard 2015 and when I walked into a soul cycle class it made me forget all the stress I was facing. It was a boost of spiritulity and motivation towards happiness path. Let’s just say a soul cycle class helped make my decision of leaving my job. I talk about self care a lot (my self care program begins may 2nd) vecaus eis very important for healthy relationships, creativity and your health overall. Soul cycle is a big part of my self care. I love how I feel after exercising but I love even more how I feel when I do a soul cycle class. Is positive, intense, motivational and I love that all. Pick a hobby , something that is about you and go do it. If you don’t know what you like to do, pick something randomly and you never know. Self care is a big part in life progression.

HER.ceo 🎀


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