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I’ve known GloryLives, some people know him since JHS. We grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school. While some may know him as Glory I know him as Dominique. The uptown native grew up in an environment where drug dealing was a glorified occupation. He turned to basketball courts for salvation from the gritty uptown streets and quickly became a star. His skills, good grades and strong character led to an array of basketball scholarship offers from many prestigious colleges. Shortly after graduation highschool he became a father to a baby girl. To escape the gritty streets on NYC , music became his escape and love.

I reached out to Dominique to asked him about his music, how have woman influence his music and raising a daughter.

Thank you for the consideration honored to be chosen to speak on your site.

  1. You are raising a beautiful daughter and I see you have a few woman in your family. Have woman influence your music?

my mom and my sister have played a huge impact in my life. Whether it’s music or being a son or brother. I’m sort of what you would call a conscious rapper so a lot of my songs are true so absolutely They’ve had an impact on my music from writing verses to pulling up at my shows. They have been great support system.

2. How has your daughter changed your life?

my daughter has changed my life significantly from the day she was born JULY 20TH, 2004. I was 18 when she was born. I jut finished high school it was no longer about me anymore, at a young age I knew it would be challenging but the feeling when her eyes opened made it all worth it . I went from a young boy doing whatever I wanted to a grown man with tons of responsibilities over night. But before I knew her mother was pregnant I had basketball scholarships to a few universities east coast . I declined them all to stay with my family and raise my daughter. By me staying I made sure the sacrifice would be worth it that she gets a chance to be the best she can be by showing her how big the world is and to live as if there aren’t limitations. 

        3. do you give her any advice about boys and goals?

this is a good one. This is the hardest parenting siruation I’ve been so far. The boys! I try to give her advise in a way where I am talking with her rather at her . I try to get on her level and hope she sees the bigger picture specifically I would say things like “Zion in the 6th grade you going to like Adam, in the 7th grad you going to like Joseph and the 8th grade you going to like Steven. Don’t think you are falling in love because you’re still learning who you are and So are they, so give yourself a chance to love yourself before you love someone else. You are only 11 please” lol. On goals I always tell her facts and show her physically as well and reward her  for her accomplishments. For instance, we talk about lower class, middle class and upper class. I gave her examples of what they all make a year and tell her it’s your choice to be in any of those classes.  It helps because then she starts to think about her career realistically and how grades starting now matters and She pretty much gets it thank god lol

.           4. What has been your biggest challenge?

the biggest challenge has been not living with her. Children need their parents everyday at home they need guidance every step of the way as they grown into their own. There’s certain things I miss when I’m not there in the household and there might  be things that she may do that I don’t approve of at the moment . certain behavior little tendency things that can become bad habits that would be stopped early. Its not all dramatic though lol. Little things like picking her face all day it drives me crazy. But yes not having her everyday is tough I miss her all the time.

           5. You’ve been doing music for years , I remember going to the studio with you. Your vision hasn’t changed through to it the years. What is your future vision?

“all great things have small beginnings” I believe that. Back in them days when you came to a session music for me was therapeutic made me feel good. It was a hobby because I live in tune with the world. it was never about the money then.but as time went on and I started numbing shoulders with greats in the music industry I started to say hey you here for a reason take advantage of this opportunity god is continuously putting In front of you. 

        6. What would you say to your younger self?

I would say to myself always be thankful and grateful. Don’t take anything for granted. Be careful who you give your energy to because this world is contagious. Never stop working on yourself always keep goals , celebrate accomplishments count your blessings and not your worries….



IG:  @glorylives


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