10 reasons why not to vote for Trump


I always try to keep it in the positive light and this is not a negative post. Is election season and I know that all of us have been watching the candidates. This election have been very interesting to say the least. Some news I feel like we getting punk’d mostly because of republican front runner Donald Trump. Some news have left me saying to myself “wtf did you really just said that” or others Ive ignored. Last week Mr. Trump thought he couldn’t shock me anymore , well he did. Not only did he shocked me but he gave me a list of reasons why anyone shouldn’t vote for him. I am not a democratic or republican (I’m a registered Independent). I created 10 reasons.

  1.  He wants power. What these “supporters” don’t realize is that , he doesn’t care about you. He wants that support, he wants your vote so he can win and have the power. He doesn’t even care about the rich class nor he doesn’t care about his own party. Laura Bush is a republican and she is voting for Hilary Clinton.
  2. He has NEVER been in the office. What does Donald Trump know about running a country. He has filed for bankruptcy twice. Ted Cruz is still a little less experience but at least he has political experience.
  3. His communication skills to the public. I feel he speaks before he thinks. How he has spoken to news anchors and on television.Like he is talking to a 4 year child. Like you really want this guy to represent our country.
  4. His view on immigrants and religion. At the start of the political season, Mr. Trump said that “Mexicans are rapists, drug addicts and bad people.” First of Mr. Trump, Latino make up most of this country , pretty soon they can be the majority. Mexicans are the most hard working people I know and not only that but they do it for their family. I come from 2 hard working Dominican parents that raised my sister and I to work hard and don’t depend on anyone. My parents came to this country to follow the “American dream ” and to give their kids the life that they never had. Oh and also America was created by immigrants. Religion: Only because TERRORISTS bombed us, does not mean that the Islam community is like them. We gotta remember that it was TERRORISTS not the Islam community that hurt us on 9/11. . One last thing , your wife is an Immigrant.
  5. Inconsistent. He has not been consistent in his “political life” remember he was a Democrat at one point even being Hilary supporter. Then republican. Not only that but he has been inconsistent with his ideas.
  6. He looses with facts. He has said lies after lies. Even one point saying Obama is not a U.S. citizen.
  7. He doesnt understand the 99%. Donald TRump originated wealth through is father. He doesnt understand was like to work two jobs, or paying rent, etc. He is blind to the 99%.
  8.  His zen attitude towards white supremacy. Now this I kind of thank him becuase his ideologies (that im confuse about) has has allowed us to see peoples true colors. The KKK founder endorse him and he had a very calm attitude. Repeatly at events, people of color have been assaulted by white supremacy supporters. Also, politicians and Celebrities have supported him. Mr. Trump minorities are the majority or very close to being the majority.
  9. His negative energy. He is just a negative person. Everything that comes out of his mouth is negative.  we need a president that understands Americans and will represent America the way it should be. This country is the land of dreams. People come from all over the world to live out their dreams. That’s an amazing thing and we need to keep that legacy.

Lastly, the last thing that really is keeping me away for voting for trump and is a reason why not only me but all woman should not vote for him.

10. His view on woman. His lastest interview left me with my Jaw opened. Someone  asked him about him about his view on abortion and his respond was that those that commit abortion should bring a punishment, but mostly on woman. Abortion is a woman’s choice now im not saying is right but is her choice and a woman does not get pregnant on her own. He recently attacked the woman of the view saying they are dead puppets . He attacked Media mogul Arianna Huffington about her appearance. He called Megyan Kelly, Fox News anchor that he doesn’t like women to be fat pigs, slobs and disgusting animals. Like really and what are you?  That sexual assault is expected in the military, a woman must be hot in order to be a journalist, that all woman are gold diggers. I created Her.ceo so woman can take control of their lives and their are so many woman entrepreneurs and that is not true.  We are living in a time where woman does not need to depend on a man and by the way He has had a few failed marriages and you want this man to run this country?


When Donald Trump looses this election season, he will loose many supporters and most will be woman.





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