FB_IMG_1460048338905Early on in my career I used the word ambition a lot but ambition in reaching my goal. I always have plan to accomplish a goal and I follow through. Ambition means accomplishing goals.The word ambition is associated in a negative way because society has taught people to accomplish a goal you must sabotage others. NO YOU MUST NOT DO THAT. To accomplish a goal , set a plan to reach it and most importantly be yourself !

Persistent and ambition go hand -in- hand.  Persistent is keep trying even if you fail. Keep trying . at the start of my career, If I wanted to work somewhere and I didn’t get it , I’ll keep applying to it till I got the position. I was trying and trying (persistent) till I got it and I set my mind to getting that position (ambition) and set goals how to master it.  Some people are ambition just for power and along the way they sabotage others. Eventually down the line, it will catch up. Be honest, be yourself , be yourself and you will accomplish your goal.

To set goals and accomplish them, answer yourself these questions first. But why do you want those dreams? What is your ambition to accomplish them? How will I get there? Think about them and write them out. I recommend getting a goals notebook and write out all your goals and blueprint. Ambition is the fuel of achievement.  Follow these 5 steps so you can be clear about your goals .

1.be self aware of what you want. Be clear of what you want . I wrote in my first blog about writing goals and be very clear about what you want . know your likes and not likes.

2. Be discipline . Set positive habits. 

3. Take responsibilities for your actions  

4. Create opportunities for yourself and be prepare when opportunities come along.

5. Working with others is key to learning and crushing goals. You will learn from a a new person just as much as you will learn from the oldest.

6. appreciate yourself. Give yourself a reward once you accomplish

Ambition Should always stay active . stay active , learn, everything around you is an opportunity , take advantage of it and apply it. It doesn’t make any sense if you learning something and don’t apply it, us a waste of time. Set goals, believe, execute, receive.




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