I learned a phrase from Cara Adwill Leyba , founder of the champagne Diet “check your fucks at the door” . What it means is when someone tries to tell you can not do something or bring negative into your energy, you stop them at the front door and don’t allow them to come into your circle. I see so many women that get so excited about new hobbies, job, ventures and then the excitement is gone 😕. Mostly because they were influence by the opinions of others. Some of us were there at one point, myself included.

Growing up, I was the youngest one . I was always looked at as the baby , the one that always have to be taken care of . I was also weak in health. When it was time to apply for college,  I decided that I wanted to study nursing , I remember a family member told me ,”I was too stupid to do that” .At that time which was 17 years old my confidence was low and I was going thru the beginning stages of a long battle with depression . In college was the same thing I would decide to do something and someone would reject that idea. When I decided that I wanted to go to culinary school , someone once again tried to influence me but this time I was like no I love food is my passion. I loved how my passion made me feel. When I decided to follow my gut instead of someone else’s opinion everything changed . I proved to myself that I can survive and make it in the food industry as well as prove to others that I can do it. By following my passion I have learned that you have to follow your gut. Their will always be people saying you can’t do it but remember is your life not theirs. Check them at the door , don’t let their negative energy invade your energy .


Choosing culinary school and my passion was the best decision I’ve made and since then I’ve been on my own road trip no matter what people were saying. I probably didn’t follow my gut twice in the last five years and it has gone bad. Peoples opinions will always change about you but so will your life and the world. You can’t please everyone .  do what you want to do on your own time. Is your life for fuck sake ladies live out YOUR life follow your heart and watch how things will change . Become the CEO of your life not the CEO others want you to be.





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