What’s HER.CEO? HER.CEO is a woman that is in control of their lives. Independent, strong, entrepreneur, ambition, team player, motivator . we are living in a time where woman can do anything , woman are on top of the world. I mean America is about to have the first woman presidential candidate and it could be the first woman president. That’s a big step we took from almost 100 years of struggling for equal rights (we still want equal rights , equal pay, etc.) . But how can you become the CEO of your life? Easy by doing what YOU want to do. Have you looked at another woman and said I can do what she does? Shit many times, Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Marie Forleo, Alex Wolf , etc. So many woman I looked up to and have inspired me to take the next step in following my path. My biggest inspirations are family and friends.

At some point you get tired of doing things the way someone else likes to do it. Many take the next step but some just dream about it , fear is what holds them back . fear is what holds a lot of people back from achieving their goals. I believe everyone should live the life they always wanted and instead of being stuck in fantasy land. There is four steps you can take to accomplish your goals.


 Step 1: Dream and write down your goals

 We all are daydreamers but some don’t get out of their daydreams. Be clear about what you want to accomplish be very clear about it. Write down your ideas so you can keep track of it. When you are at this stage , you’ll come up with many ideas. Brainstorm write down every little thing. Once you clear about what you want, start simplifying the list. Or if you can write them down, create pictures (vision board). 

 Step 2: research

 Once you clear on your actions research ways you can do it. Example, let’s say I want to loose weight . okay what actions will you take , let’s start with changing your diet and exercising , then stay consistent .  Or you want to do a clothing line research factories and if you’ll sell it or sell to retailers . Do your research on what it is you want 

 Step 3:  Execute

 Goals without action is just a dream. Once step 1 and step 2 are done, take action. This is the most important step to  becoming CEO of your life. When I first decided I wanted to attended culinary school , I wasn’t sure about it first. I did a year long research on schools and learning the industry . I finally decided I will attend the Institute of Culinary Education, I started in 2009 , finished in 2010. Since then I started from the bottom and have made my way up through patience and persistent. I didnt care about failure because I looked at it at least I tried. Whatever is you want to do , just do it. Don’t worry about failure , just try again.

 Step 4: Consistency and network 

 Stay consistent and build relationships. But build real relationships. Make sure what you building is about them not you. Quantity over quality type of thing . Stay on track , through the road your plan will change but as long as your vision hasn’t just stay on track. Your networks will see that you are for real once they see you are consistent. 

 YES you will be faced with challenges. YES you will fail . I can’t sit hee and write this posts and lied to you that your road to becoming CEO of your life will be smooth. Many don’t take the next step because of their fear of failure. If you want that position, girl go get it . If you want that business, make it happen. Like NIKE says , just do it.  







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